About Us

At Hillcity Technology we have over 20 years of experience in the technology and software development fields. We have worked with Agile, Waterfall, and even chaos development processes. We have worked with firmware, software, web, SaaS, and custom development and used multiple platforms, languages, tools, and practices. From managing large teams, to fixing teams in crisis, to building teams from the ground up, our experience can help your company get to a place of producing craftsman quality software with manufacturing efficiency. We have worked with offshore resources as well as internationally distributed teams. We have worked in large corporate environments and in small start-ups. We've even been through mergers/buyouts and helped navigate through some of the issues that they come with.

We’re passionate about software quality and excellent teams. We believe that every company and situation is unique and we like to tailor our solutions to fit your particular context. While there are principles that can be applied widely, how those principles are put into practice are unique to each situation. We will work with you to determine the best possible solution for your company.