Quality Software

Something Company had a major problem. Every release was a disaster and their customers were furious. If it wasn’t so difficult for the customers to decouple their systems and move to a competitor Something Company would have lost every one of their clients. It would have been easy to address the surface issues, and there were many, but we wanted to find the root causes. There were quite a few glaring issues to fix with the QA team, but it became apparent after a bit of digging that the root of the problem was that all of the processes designed to ensure quality were being bypassed because “the new feature won’t affect anything else.” The “Quick Win” in this case came from making sure that the processes were being followed. There were a lot of other issues that were fixed over the next year, but it was amazing how much momentum was gained when everyone realized that quality processes were going to be followed.

Startup Z knew they needed help improving their quality, but it wasn’t testing alone that they needed help with. Code changes were often made in production with no thought given as to what sub-systems the change might affect. As could be expected, this created major issues and customers found more of the company’s bugs than the dev team did. A few lightweight processes later the stability of the system was significantly improved.

Megacorp constantly missed key software bugs because they were focused on one style of testing. They also had an addiction to metrics and an array of processes so complex that they often cancelled each other out. Creating a team that had the ability to bypass their process complexity was a key component that was needed. The team was also given a charter of experimenting with new styles of testing and testing techniques. Given the opportunity to innovate, the team was able to greatly improve quality, as well as prepare Megacorp for the future.

Effective Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a reality of today's software development world. It has the potential to empower your company and team to do more. When outsourcing is done well the results speak for themselves. However, the marketplace is replete with examples of outsourcing that ended up costing a company millions of dollars.

Even if you've got a good outsourcing setup, the chances are there are pitfalls waiting for you along the road. Some regions of the world have poor recognition of Intellectual Property, some have built-in quality issues. We can help you setup to protect yourself from those issues.

If your outsourcing efforts are not giving you the benefit you need, then let us assist you. We'll do a full analysis of your company, teams, development and testing processees, and product. We'll find ways to reduce the problems you're seeing and even help you implement new offshoring solutions.