Welcome to HillCity Technology

Welcome to HillCity Technology where we make technology work for you. Our focus is helping small businesses with security, software testing, and business processes. We focus on small to mid-sized businesses because we believe that these businesses are the backbone of our economy. Small to mid-sized businesses are the most innovative and the best run companies, but they often lack the resources to do everything they'd like. We aim to help small business owners focus on the things that make their business successful.

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Are you a smaller development house or do you have in-house development but don't think that you can afford a comprehensive testing solution? We can show you how to setup a full test environment and help you get a higher quality product to your customers. We'll take a look at your development environments and testing needs and recommend solutions that will fit for your budget. Read More


Small businesses often don't have time to focus on doing the things that make their business more successful. Often an outside look can help you figure out how to design the right processes to help you be more effective. You need the right balance between being flexible enough to meet your customers needs and having processes to ensure that nothing gets missed. We can help with that. Read More


Cyber threats are growing everday. Ignoring them can only increase your risk of liability. In today's world cyber-security has to include more than just your network and software, but also your physical security. From audits, to security policies and procedures, we can help design a system that works for you. Read More